Proactive security

Threat Vectors have changed, and enterprise network defense strategy has to incorporate protection from external threat and internal threats. The new evolving threats come in the form of viruses, malware, spams, phising, phising, P2P, Web, Email, FTP. We are in an era where attackers are increasingly looking at attacking enterprises internally because today organizations depend on web based traffic for business applications. Hence intentional or un-intentional internal attacks are on a rise as the users are being turned into enablers for enterprise attacks.

GajShield UTM Appliances leverages the Layer 7 application visibility to identify exactly which application, threat vector and user makes the network vulnerable and increases visibility, security and performance. Using best of breed technology GajShield UTM appliance identify and detection fast moving exploits like spams, viruses etc. It allows to create users based policies across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering (Proxy with Caching and Inline), Data Leak Prevention, ISP Failover and Bandwidth Management, P2P & IM control whereby giving granular and complete control of the Security implementation.

GajShield UTM Appliance provides

  • Giving visibility on the applications used by users and not just the ports or protocols. Identify rogue applications and block them using application filtering policies.
  • Monitor and Control Data Leak through Web uploads, Instant Messaging and Email protecting important and confidential data. Allows to create policies based on users, groups and provides in depth visibility using its innovative context based data leak prevention.
  • Identify which user is sending what data, including attachments in Instant Messaging, Web Uploads, Social Networking sites, HTTPS, Email etc. Complete Archiving gives visibility and policy definition increases security.
  • Prevent Spams, phising, pharming attack in Real time. Zero Hour Virus Outbreak prevention identifies new outbreak instantaneously and protects the network. Zero Hour Anti Virus block zero day viruses much before signature based virus engines do.
  • Detects and blocks spyware, malware, and application vulnerability exploits.
  • Detection and Control of evasive and Port hopping applications like IM, P2P and Open Proxies.
  • UserSense allows to set granular policies based on users rather than IP address across Firewall, IPS, URL Filtering, Antispam, Antivirus, Data Leak Prevention, ISP Failover & Load Balancing.
  • Define user/group based customer policies depending on the work requirement whereby increasing users productivity.
  • Define user/group based policies to allow or disallow or limit bandwidth to P2P, video downloads etc.
  • Identification of bandwidth usages based on users, applications used and ISP allows to restrict bandwidth for non-business related downloads and increasing application performance.
  • Provides Web based Proxy with Url Filtering and caching. Can work simultaneously in both transparent and proxy mode.


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