Next Generation Firewall
GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliances go way beyond current UTM firewall technologies, by using industry’s most powerful deep packet inspection engine to classify application traffic and provide visibility to common SaaS application. 
GajShield’s Application filter provides real-time, Layer-7 classification of all network application traffic.

GajShield Next Generation Firewall appliances, are ICSALabs certified and come with a unique Context based Data Leak Prevention, Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB), Cloud Security for Roaming users, BYOD for mobile device security and Application Filtering, GajShield next generation firewalls are industries leading innovators in data and network security. GajShield firewalls are easy to configure using its Object Oriented policy management which brings policy re-usability and inheritance.

Top Reasons to choose GajShield Next Generation Firewall beyond UTM firewalls

Traditional firewalls commonly serve as the boundary between the Internet and an organization’s network. They offer protection based on controlling specific protocols and ports, and restricting traffic to and from specific IP addresses. These days however, most attacks are web-based, easily passing through http (port 80) and https (port 443). Most firewalls are unable to identify malicious applications or traffic passing through these common ports. Next Generation firewall must evolve to effectively defend against these threats.

Customers get, complete and Proactive security with GajShield Next Generation Appliances. In today’s organization, application, employees, vendors, clients, and security threats fight for the same network resources. It has become difficult for small to medium enterprises to manage their infrastructure as they are unable to distinguish between good traffic v/s bad traffic. Threats or various productive applications have become smarter as they camouflage data transfer using standard internet ports. Current day security products have failed to distinguish and manage such malicious traffic.

GajShield will answers your following security questions and many more

  1. I need security for my roaming users without impacting their device performance.
  2. I need visibility into the cloud applications used by my users and protect against shadow IT.
  3. We use common SaaS applications like Google G-Suite. Need a solution to improve security and control its use.
  4. We want to limit the access to cloud applications to only corporate use.
  5. Want to protect against Data Leaks through SMTP Mails and Web applications.
  6. Want a security solution which can also be used to setup VPN across offices with high availability and failover.
  7. Want a simple solution to manage my multiple firewalls.
  8. A device which should inspect SSL traffic for malware and data leaks.
  9. A device to block torrents, Skype and malicious proxy applications.
  10. Easy to manage and allows me to implement my corporate policies in a seamless way.


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