Bitcoin Cash Gambling Guide

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Bitcoin Cash Free Spins

As the result of the fork on Aug 1st, all holders of Bitcoin (BTC) received an equal amount of bitcoin cash (BCH). Since then, the value has skyrocketed to the point that one unit of BCH is now worth 110% more than it’s BTC cousin.

Let’s have a look at BCH casinos and Free Spins bonus opportunities related to this great news for not just Bitcoin Cash users but lucky gamblers in general!

Final thoughts

It would be great for Bitcoin to return to its roots. Being used as currency, rather than an asset (even if the price of said currency is volatile). This will make it possible best bch gambling sites for more people to use Bitcoin Cash. Although this is just one casino which uses BCH , it can be done. The price volatility could even be turned into an advantage by being part of the marketing strategy.

This was a guest post written by Benjamin Brandall . What are your thoughts on Bitcoin Cash casinos?

How to use BCH at Online Casinos?

Litcoin Cash (BCH) is accepted at most online casinos worldwide. The news of Bitcoin’s cancellation split last August affected the value of BCH, however, it has been showing a rapid rise from its low price in January 2018 to be around $ 1,000 as of June. This shows that investors are buying their shares despite the negative perception on the cancellation of bitcoin lightning network and optimism for what this cryptocurrency offers.

Bitcoin cash bonuses

What is a Bitcoin Cash Casino? A bitcoin casino, also known as a BCH casino, altcoin casinos or proof-of-stake casinos are sites that accept cryptocurrencies for gambling. Cryptocurrencies can be used in these casinos to purchase spins and deposit money onto their site. In addition, they also include games that pay out in BCH.

What kind of games do Bitcoin Cash Casino platforms host?

Bitcoin Cash Casino sites offer a number of online games. These can include all of the usual casino games you would expect from a traditional brick-and-mortar casino. The most common online games offered at Bitcoin Cash casinos are slot machines, blackjack, roulette, video poker and craps. There are also some more experimental entertainment options available, such as virtual reality casino rooms where players interact with one another in new and novel ways.

Can I use BCH to play live dealer games?

There aren’t any official Bitcoin Cash casinos that host live dealer game options at this time; however there is always the chance that in the future someone will provide this service using BCH funds. Live dealer game options will likely never appear on standard mobile?

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